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Certified Inbound Marketing Professional

Feb 17th 2010 certified as Inbound Marketing Professional. I now belong to an exclusive group of 1300 professionals worldwide being on the leading edge of marketing for the 21st century. I have been active in Social Media for nearly 4 years, and this is another goal I reached successfully.

Certified Inbound Marketing Professional - this is my certificate.

Inbound Marketing University Certified Inbound Marketing Expert

Is your website ready for Google Caffeine?
Only an updated website for the upcoming Google Caffeine will prepare you not to be outdated!
Act Now! Fill out the form on the right side and I provide you with the help you need.

What can I do for you?
  • help you create your inbound marketing strategy
  • help you to get your e-commerce-site going
  • optimize your website for SEO using newest rules and different tools
  • support you in creating landing pages and lead capturing
  • help you in case you have not so, choose the right CRM to maintain your leads and turn them to clients with the right follow up scenarios.
  • help you set up and manage your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc for lead nurturing.
Please be aware that these tasks take 3-6 months part-time to get effective results.
I regularily attend training to stay current on the latest technology in this field for the benefit of my clients.
Partnering and collaborating with GlobalMarketHub I gained my experience by setting up all these things for our health-care clients.
I used the Infusionsoft CRM system for automated follow-up marketing (Inbound and Outbound). This includes creating HTML-email-templates for branding.

Act Now! Fill out the form on the right side and I provide you with the help you need.
The first 30 min of a consultation are FREE!

Social Media Monthly Management

For EUR 500/month our staff will:

  • Create one blog post and put it out everywhere that kind of content is relevant - your corporate blog, Wordpress, Blogger, Facebook, etc.

  • Create one twitter/status update to go out every business day (20 per month). This can include links to your website, latest product or service, latest news, etc.

  • Approve all friend requests weekly and reply with a pre-approved thank you message to any traffic coming in. This message again can include links to your website, latest news, etc.

  • Post up to two additional items per week that you give us. This can be photos, videos, articles, etc. We will post them in the most relevant and appropriate places and optimize them for the web (including needed keywords, tags, etc.).

  • Please note: there is also a smaller package available in case you don't need all functionality! Just contact me and we figure the out what will help you best.
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    Useful Resources around Inbound Marketing

    This resources should provide you as fellow Inbound Marketer some help, tricks and ideas to be successful.
    Please contact me in case you have something to add.

    Website Design

    In collaboration with HCITEK Pvt Ltd I can also offer website-design and -development. Please check out our Offering.
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