I am a Tcl/Tk enthusiast and organized 3 Tcl/Tk conferences in Europe:

  • 3rd European Tcl/Tk User Meeting held in Munich
  • 4th European Tcl/Tk User Meeting held in Nuremberg
  • 5th European Tcl/Tk User Meeting held in Bergisch-Gladbach nearby Cologne
All documents of these meetings are now hosted on Active State.

T-IDE has been my favorite project because it helped me at a couple of assignments to beat the defined timeframes. Unfortunately a add-on-product I would need for deployment is no longer available. Therefore I had to stop distribution and am now the only user...
I am a Tcl/Tk-User for more than 30 years, sometimes with relational databases and other extensions.
In case you need help with Tcl/Tk in one of your projects please feel free to contact me at
But please check out the capabilities of IDE for Tcl/Tk (and more)


The Tclers Users Group Munich TUGM, a monthly meeting of Tcl enthusiasts (in German).
This group has been founded by me after the conference in Munich.